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Caltex Australia to expand capacity of its Newport fuel terminal

Caltex Australia to expand capacity of its Newport fuel terminal
Photo courtesy of Caltex Australia.

Caltex Australia announced that it will expand the capacity of its Newport fuel terminal in the state of Victoria, the second-busiest fuel terminal in the state.

Caltex Australia said upgrades to its Newport fuel terminal, which will be completed by the end of 2017, will help the company better manage its supplies to ensure it could meet growing demand for petrol, diesel and jet fuel from across the state.

The AUD 75 million (USD 56.9 million) project includes the installation of two new tanks, an additional 40ML of storage capacity, new pipes, pumping equipment, increased truck loading capacity and upgrades to the terminal’s safety systems.

Caltex will also improve road safety for vehicles entering and exiting the site by building a new access point so heavy vehicles can avoid the known local blackspot on Douglas Parade.

Caltex Executive General Manager Supply Chain Operations Andrew Brewer said the Australian company had invested more than AUD 2 billion (USD 1.5 billion) into its supply and retail infrastructure over the past five years.

“Caltex is owned by, employs and exists to serve Australians – unlike our competitors, our entire business is focused on keeping Australia moving,” Brewer said.

“It is critical that Caltex, Australia’s leading supplier competing against multinational corporations, continues to invest in the infrastructure that Victoria needs to keep its economy growing,” he added.

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