Caltex launches VARTECH Solution in Asia Pacific
Photo courtesy of Caltex

Caltex launches VARTECH Solution in Asia Pacific

Caltex Business Solutions has launched VARTECH Solution, its proprietary total solution for varnish control in power generation, oil and gas, manufacturing, and other turbine applications in Asia Pacific.

VARTECH Solution is a two-step solution consisting of VARTECH Industrial System Cleaner (ISC) and a new range of GST® Advantage turbine oils formulated with VARTECH Technology.

VARTECH ISC helps to clean the varnish that has infiltrated turbine systems while GST Advantage Turbine Oils with VARTECH technology protects turbines from future varnish build up by inhibiting new varnish formation in the system. 

Modern turbine systems such as those used by power generation companies are experiencing an increase in varnish issues which may impact efficiency. The problem arises because these modern turbines operate at higher speeds and temperatures and deposits form on critical components, which subsequently affect output.

Varnish build-up affects the heat transfer rate between the oil and metal surfaces, causing the system to run hotter and hotter. This not only threatens equipment longevity, but it also affects the bottom line.

“In speaking to our customers, we recognized that industrial operators have long been aware of the potential damage from varnish that can inevitably impact their operations. Even the smallest amount of varnish can result in poor system performance and equipment failures on modern turbine systems. Caltex Business Solutions wants to let our customers know that this issue can actually be managed through the benefits of our proprietary VARTECH Solution,” said Dean Gilbert, general manager for Marketing and Sales Support, Chevron International Fuels and Lubricants. 

“To enhance our overall customer experience, our technical experts at Chevron have developed VARTECH ISC, a proprietary cleaning product that can be directly added to the oil in use during operation, so as to clean the system of varnish and sludge before a scheduled oil change,” he said. 

VARTECH ISC and GST Advantage Turbine Oils with VARTECH Technology are available across all major markets in the U.S., China, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific to support the requirements of industrial customers in power generation, oil and gas, and manufacturing segments.  Complementing this is Caltex Business Solutions’ Reliability-based Lubrication (RBL™) Program which offers a suite of tailored services like operational assessments, best practices and oil analysis. 

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