Caltex Lubricants launches VARTECH™ in Asia-Pacific
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Caltex Lubricants launches VARTECH™ Industrial System Cleaner in Asia-Pacific

Following a successful launch in China earlier this year, Caltex Lubricants announced the launch of the VARTECH Industrial System Cleaner (ISC) in Asia Pacific for its power generation, oil & gas and manufacturing industry customers.

Targeting varnish, a common pain point of industrial enterprises with detrimental effects, the unique deposit cleaning product is a result of Chevron’s advanced expertise and R&D investment in premium lubricants across a broad array of industries.

Modern turbine systems are experiencing an increase in varnish issues due to their higher operating speeds and temperatures to meet higher demand for power generation. The increasing use of highly refined base stocks that have a lower solvency for varnish precursors further exacerbate this problem, allowing deposits to form on critical components that in turn affect output.

“In speaking to our customers, we recognised that industrial operators have long been aware of the tremendous damage that varnish can do to their operations. Even the smallest amount of varnish can result in poor system performance and equipment failures on modern turbine systems. However, varnish (and the difficulties that come with it) has been accepted as a perennial issue that is part and parcel of the industry. Our goal is to encourage customers to see that this issue can be controlled.,” said Sheryl Law, regional marketing manager, Finished Lubricant, Asia Pacific & Pakistan.

“The experts at Chevron have developed VARTECH ISC, a unique cleaning product that can be directly added to the oil in use during operation, to clean the system of varnish and sludge before a scheduled oil change.”

VARTECH ISC utilises proprietary technology to do an efficient cleaning job without creating operational constraints. The solution is added near the end of the in-service oil’s life and cleans existing varnish while equipment remains online and productive.

Once the cleaning process is complete, VARTECH ISC and the used oil are drained and the system is flushed, preparing it for fresh oil. VARTECH ISC can also remain in the system for up to four weeks without causing operational constraints, giving industrial enterprises the flexibility to schedule maintenance activities around other operational priorities and unexpected delays.

Unlike other industry solutions, VARTECH ISC does not lower the oil flash point, damage seals, plug filters or shorten the life of the new oil. The solution also cuts down the cleaning process significantly, mitigating complex additional steps such as external filtration, multiple rinse cycles and compatibility testing with fresh oil. Depending on the extent of varnish in the system, VARTECH ISC can be used up to 20% treat rate without compromising the performance of the new oil, due to any residual oil that is left over.

VARTECH ISC is available across all major markets in the Asia-Pacific region to support the requirements of industrial customers in the power generation, oil & gas, and manufacturing segment.

Complementing this is Caltex Lubricants’ Reliability-based Lubrication (RBL™) Program which offers a suite of tailored services like operational assessments, best practices and oil analysis.

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