Calumet to introduce three new Bel-Ray product lines for PCMO, commercial and industrial lubricants

Calumet Specialty Products Partners, an independent producer of specialty hydrocarbon and fuel products based in Indianapolis, Ind., U.S.A, announced the introduction of three new Bel-Ray product lines for passenger car motor oils (PCMO), commercial and industrial lubricants.

These new Bel-Ray products will replace some products that are currently sold under the Quantum brand. Calumet acquired the Quantum brand when it purchased United Petroleum Company, a wholesale supplier and distributor of premium motor oils, coolants and greases, in February 2014. The Quantum brand joined the Royal Purple and Bel-Ray lubricants brands to provide Calumet’s global customer base with a fully integrated product offering.

“Customers now have a superior choice in protecting their investments with the expanded Bel-Ray product line of commercial and Industrial lubricants,” said Harji Gill, vice president of branded and packaged products.

Calumet Branded Products will launch the new Bel-Ray product lines during the latter part of the third quarter of 2017. It is anticipated that the full line of new Bel-Ray products will be available during the first quarter of 2018.

Bel-Ray products will replace some of the products sold under the Quantum brand as part of the change.

“Bel-Ray delivers the highest-quality lubricants possible by consistently focusing on meeting customer needs and protecting the equipment and the environment,” said Gill. “Our extensive global presence combined with localised technical support and extensive distribution network, will allow us to broaden the brand’s geographic footprint as well as expand our product portfolio into markets previously untouched by this technology-driven brand.”