October 28, 2020

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Castrol BP Petco launches synthetic motorcycle oil in Vietnam

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Photo courtesy of Castrol BP Petco

Castrol BP Petco Ltd. (CBBP) has officially launched its new premium range of fully synthetic motorcycle oil branded Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE with 5-in-1 Formula delivering outstanding performance across functional benefits in just one engine oil.

“Our goal is to bring the best of Castrol technology and performance to Vietnamese consumers through the launch of Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE.  This is our first ever two-wheeler lubricant delivering five benefits in one bottle,” said Rohit Talwar, marketing director of Castrol BP Petco Ltd. 

Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE is a fully synthetic technology oil from Castrol that was developed with advanced technology based on more than 100 years of Castrol first-class experience in the lubricants industry. Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE aims to provide two-wheelers with each of these five benefits: excellent acceleration, superior protection, keeping engine cool during long rides, smooth riding and enduring performance.

The complete range of new Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE has been specially designed to offer various choices for different bikes and consumers’ needs, including 10W-30 4T for Bikes, 10W-30 4-AT for Scooters, and 10W-50 4T for Superbikes.

“It’s our pride to introduce the new Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE to the world through a launch in Vietnam. Castrol Vietnam would love to celebrate our exciting milestone by featuring our brand on the tallest building in Vietnam – Landmark 81 – in addition to multi screen advertising,” Talwar said.

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