Castrol expands carbon-neutral lubricants portfolio in Europe
Photo courtesy of Castrol

Castrol expands carbon-neutral lubricants portfolio in Europe

Castrol is expanding its portfolio of carbon-neutral products in Europe with Castrol TRANSMAX, a range of highly advanced transmission and axle fluids. Castrol TRANSMAX products are available for automatic and manual vehicle transmissions and for axles. These products have been verified as carbon neutral, in accordance with the internationally recognised PAS 2060 specification. 

PAS 2060, published by the British Standards Institution (BSI) is a specification detailing how to demonstrate carbon neutrality.

For a product to be PAS 2060-certified carbon neutral, its cradle-to-grave greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions must be quantified and compensated through a combination of emissions reduction activities and the use of verified carbon offsets. 

Castrol says its carbon-neutral products follow a robust process where an external expert consultant is used to measure the cradle-to-grave emissions using the GHG Protocol and an independent certified assurance body assures the product as certified carbon neutral in accordance with the PAS 2060 specification.

A typical passenger car makes an average of 18,000 stop-starts and 88,000 gear changes every year, as per Castrol data. This places huge demand on the transmission and if the transmission fluid does not have the right friction and protection level or has worn out, it can lead to shudder, gear stiffness or component damage, the company explains.

Using the right oil and changing it at the right time is key to preventing transmission problems, the UK-based global lubricant company adds. Castrol TRANSMAX advanced range features Smooth Drive Technology™ with active control molecules that automatically adjust their friction level under changing pressures and speed. This can help extend the life of the transmission and ensures smoother gear shifts for longer, according to Castrol.

For automatic transmissions, TRANSMAX ATF, DUAL and CVT products deliver more than twice longer smooth shifts, while manual transmissions using TRANSMAX MANUAL products with Smooth Drive Technology™ benefit from five times easier gear shifting at cold temperatures, Castrol claims. 

Castrol’s TRANSMAX AXLE LONG LIFE products, developed for heavier vehicles with more complex transmissions and differentials, create a protective film that is five times stronger, reducing the likelihood of handling unexpected issues or expensive repairs, the company says.

The transmission is one of the most vital components of any vehicle and one of the most expensive units to repair or replace, so keeping it protected is absolutely critical,” said Paul Beasley, global technology driveline and EV fluids manager at Castrol.

“Using Castrol TRANSMAX with Smooth Drive Technology™ means the driveline is constantly served the optimal level of friction at any given moment, ensuring smooth operation and extending the life of the transmission moving parts. This innovative technology can justify why two out of every three major vehicle manufacturers use Castrol transmission fluids as part of their factory fill. As a new addition to our portfolio of PAS2060 carbon neutral products, the Castrol TRANSMAX range forms part of our efforts to help to deliver a more sustainable future – by saving waste, reducing carbon and improving lives—all part of our PATH360 strategy.”