Castrol India announces launch of new Castrol Activ

Castrol India Limited, based in Mumbai, India, announced the launch of New Castrol Activ, which meets API SL and JASO MA2 specifications.

The company claims that the new Castrol Activ provides 50% better protection than standard motorcycle lubricants in India.

New Castrol Activ is fortified with Improved Actibond® molecules, which cling to critical engine parts through all stages of motorbike riding and beyond, the company said. It added that these Actibond® molecules reduce warm-up wear by 75%, “thereby reducing wear and tear of vital engine parts,” compared to passing API SL oils in the Sequence IVA engine test.

Commenting on the launch of new Castrol Activ, Kedar Apte, vice president of marketing for Castrol India, said, “Modern riding conditions demand a lot from riders and their bikes. There are at least 10 million instances per month where a bike engine could get damaged whilst running. A bike requires continuous protection not just while riding but also during startup and even when the engine is off. The new formulation of Castrol Activ has Improved Actibonds that provide continuous protection during startup, riding and even when the engine is off. In summary, new Castrol Activ is Castrol’s best formulation for continuous protection.”

New Castrol Activ is available in one litre and 900 ml packs.