Castrol introduces new gear oil for dual-clutch transmissions
Photo courtesy of Castrol

Castrol introduces new gear oil for dual-clutch transmissions

Castrol has unveiled its latest fully synthetic gear oil, TRANSMAX DUAL MULTIVEHICLE. This product is tailored for wet dual-clutch transmissions (DCTs) and promises smoother gear shifts, enhancing operational efficiency and prolonging the lifespan of DCT components.

The new lubricant is compatible with more than 90% of the wet DCTs in the European car market. This includes most six and seven-speed DCTs found in vehicles manufactured by Ford, the Volkswagen (VW) Group, Nissan, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. The single-fluid solution simplifies product selection and ordering for multi-brand workshops.

Modern automatic transmissions can comprise up to 1,000 parts, with urban driving conditions resulting in up to 88,000 shifts annually. Such conditions can strain transmissions. If a vehicle’s transmission oil is nearing depletion or lacks the correct friction value, it can lead to increased gear shifts, stiffness, and potential component damage.

Castrol’s TRANSMAX DUAL MULTIVEHICLE, equipped with Smooth Drive Technology™, contains active control molecules. These molecules automatically adjust friction values under varying pressure conditions and speeds. This ensures the transmission operates with the correct friction value under all conditions, safeguarding transmission components and ensuring long-term driving comfort.

Extensive analyses by Castrol’s technology experts have confirmed the lubricant’s smooth shifting capabilities, extended component lifespan, and enhanced operational efficiency. In a comparative test, TRANSMAX DUAL MULTIVEHICLE provided smooth shifts for twice as long as another original oil. The new product remained effective for up to 17,000 cycles, compared to the 7,500 cycles of the original oil.

Simon Gurney, technology deployment manager at Castrol, commented, “Today’s wet dual-clutch transmissions face higher mechanical demands than ever. It’s crucial to protect them against these pressures to prevent component failure. After an extensive testing and development process, TRANSMAX DUAL MULTIVEHICLE offers unmatched protection for most DCTs used in Europe, providing workshops with a ready-to-use solution.”

The TRANSMAX DUAL MULTIVEHICLE is the latest addition to Castrol’s growing TRANSMAX product range, which also includes TRANSMAX ATF, DUAL, and CVT for automatic transmissions. Today, two out of three leading car manufacturers use Castrol transmission oils for factory fill.