Castrol introduces sustainable packaging for premium lubricant
Photo courtesy of Castrol India

Castrol introduces sustainable packaging for premium lubricant

Castrol, a leading lubricant player in India, is introducing new, more sustainable packaging for its premium engine oil brand, Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE. The brand is now being packed in a 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) bottle, made from reprocessed plastic waste instead of virgin plastic. The use of PCR plastic decreases plastic waste, reduces carbon emissions, and supports a more circular economy.

Castrol’s new packaging is a part of its global PATH360 aim to reduce its plastic footprint by half by 2030. Castrol’s PATH360 focuses on three areas of saving waste, reducing carbon, and improving people’s lives, with an overall aim of helping Castrol become net zero by 2050 or sooner.

The new packs are being used for the Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE product range and will start to appear on the shelf soon. Consumers will not incur any incremental cost arising from the transition to the new, more sustainable packaging, the company said.

“Plastic waste management is an important aspect of Castrol’s sustainability roadmap for India. In 2021, we introduced new light-weight bottle designs for our medium packs (3 to 5 litres) that reduced our plastic use on average by 20% per bottle. These new Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE bottles are our next step on Castrol India’s journey to reduce the use of virgin plastic, we believe that they are the first 100% PCR plastic lubricant bottles in India,” said Sandeep Sangwan, managing director, Castrol India Limited.

Sangwan said Castrol India is also working with key stakeholders to collect, reuse and recycling “all the plastic we place on the market. As the technology and supply chains for recycled packaging evolve, we plan to continue exploring innovations in more sustainable packaging for more Castrol products.”