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Castrol launches engine oils designed for SUVs in the UAE

Castrol launches engine oils designed for SUVs in the UAE
Photo courtesy of Castrol

Central Trading Company LLC (CTC), a member of the Al Rostamani Group and a distributor of Castrol automotive lubricants in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has launched another variant of the Castrol MAGNATEC range of automotive engine oils.

Addressing the audience at the product launch held in Dubai recently, Mohammed Aqel, general manager of Central Trading Company LLC, said “Unlike many cars, a typical SUV does everything – from short trips dropping the children off to school, to long distance journeys carrying heavy luggage, even towing a trailer when needed – all of this across a variety of terrains. These different tasks place different demands on an SUV’s engine,” he said.

“During short trips, there is no chance to warm-up fully while regular urban driving leads to constant stop-start wear. Add towing and heavy loads to this mix and the engine endure much higher loads in extremely high operating temperatures.”

“The all-new Castrol MAGNATEC 5W30 SUV is designed specifically for the extremely popular segment of SUV owners,” Aqel said.

The product is available in a unique six-litre pack.

Established in 1957 and the first company registered as part of the Al Rostamani Group, Central Trading Company prides itself on its long-term business partnerships, customer-focused strategies and wide distribution network. CTC’s portfolio of more than 25 leading global brands includes Castrol, Michelin, Blue Star and AC Delco Batteries.

Castrol is part of British major energy company BP and a leading global motor oil brand.

The UAE car market is one of the biggest in the Gulf region, where one in two cars purchased is a dune-ready sport utility vehicle (SUV).

“In terms of trend, the UAE is and will follow the continuing increasing demand for sport utility vehicles through all segments,” according to Axel Dreyer, CEO of Galadari Automobile Group, a diversified automotive group with UAE-wide distributorships for Mazda, Mahindra, Veedol, etc.