Castrol launches first NLGI Certified HPM Grease in the market

Castrol launches first NLGI Certified HPM Grease in the market

The National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) announced the first product, Castrol’s Tribol GR SW 460-1, to be certified against NLGI’s new High-Performance Multiuse (HPM) Grease certification. In addition, NLGI certifies its enhanced performance in corrosion protection, high load-carrying capacity and low temperature. 

The key features of Castrol Tribol GR SW 460-1, a specialized product for main bearing applications in wind turbines, include:

  • Proprietary Microflux Trans ™ additive system actively smooths bearing surfaces 
  • Withstands high loads and shock loads 
  • Resists shearing and wear (fretting, rolling, sliding) 
  • Good mobility at low temperatures for easy start-up 
  • Low friction saves energy and prolongs component life 

To minimize costs and maximize return on investment across wind farms, customers need to achieve operational excellence. It means ensuring every turbine gets the best protection while reducing downtime. Castrol’s wind turbine main bearing grease Tribol GR SW 460-1, has been designed to help achieve these goals.

“Congratulations to Castrol for working diligently the past six months on certifying this product. Since NLGI does not dictate chemical, additive, lubricant or viscosity properties, formulators are encouraged to get creative in order to create viable, quality products that meet HPM specifications. Castrol’s Tribol GR SW 460-1 product has done just that. We are excited to see it in the marketplace,” said NLGI Executive Director Crystal O’Halloran. 

NLGI decided to expanded its certification program, recognizing that updated specifications may better serve current advanced materials, technologies and applications. In December 2020, NLGI launched its High-Performance Multiuse (HPM) Grease certification and sub-categories with enhanced performance in the following areas:

  • HPM Core Spec
  • HPM Grease Core with enhanced Water Resistance (HPM + WR)
  • HPM Grease Core with enhanced Salt Water Corrosion Resistance (HPM + CR)
  • HPM Grease Core with High Load Carrying Capacity (HPM + HL)
  • HPM Grease Core with enhanced Low Temp Performance (HPM + LT)

Future specifications may include high temperature and/or long life. 

NLGI has partnered with the Center for Quality Assurance to administer the HPM program and conduct qualification testing. The initial focus of HPM is on premium grease in a variety of bearings and applications which require similar lubricating properties.