Castrol launches new BioTac MP2 multi-purpose EP grease

Castrol launches new BioTac MP2 multi-purpose EP grease

UK-based Castrol, which is part of bp, has developed BioTac MP2, a multi-purpose extreme pressure grease for exposed deck applications such as low-speed bearings and wire ropes. 

BioTac MP2 is a new addition to Castrol’s Bio Range which meets the definition of environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) under 2018 US VIDA based on the 2013 US Vessel General Permit (VGP), defined by the US Vessel General Permit to be biodegradable, minimally toxic and not bioaccumulative. The Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (VIDA) establishes a framework for the regulation of discharges incidental to the normal operation of a vessel under a new Clean Water Act (CWA).

The BioTac MP2 formulation is based on an optimized performance additive system. With a broad operating temperature (-35°C to 140°C), it is suited to all conditions from Arctic to tropical climates and enables resistance to mechanical shear and water spray-off. Its formulation allows a simple change-over process, which is important given the reduced manpower in the maritime industry. 

Available from 2023, BioTac MP2 meets the requirements of EU Ecolabel. It is formulated with more than 80% certified sustainably sourced renewable content and its packaging uses more than 60% post-consumer plastic content.

Castrol continues to increase its carbon neutral offer and Castrol Bio Range meets the PAS 2060 international specification for carbon neutrality. Castrol’s Bio Range consists of Castrol BioTac MP2, Castrol BioStat, Castrol BioBar and Castrol BioTac OG.

  • Castrol BioStat has been developed to protect stern tube bearings, thruster gear boxes, and the gearboxes of deck machinery.
  • Castrol BioBar is a hydraulic oil which can replace conventional mineral oils in hydraulic equipment where there is a perceived risk of egress into the marine environment.
  • Castrol BioTac OG is an open gear grease for applications where the lubricant is either directly immersed in the marine environment, such as in rack and pinion gears in jack-up platforms, or where there is a risk of spillage, such as in anchor winches or other deck machinery.

“Lubricants are critical to keeping essential equipment working reliably, maintaining operational efficiency, and keeping operations simple for crews. With Castrol’s EALs*, customers can be confident that they support global legislation requirements, reduce the risk of delays and penalties in ports, as well as potentially support corporate environmental targets,” said Cassandra Higham, marketing director, Global Marine and Energy, Castrol.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with lubricants that meet the environmental criteria without compromising performance or reliability. Castrol Marine Bio Range products are committed to certified carbon neutral in accordance with PAS 2060 since 2021.”

As part of the PAS 2060 certification, Castrol measures the carbon emissions of the products and offsets these residual emissions using high quality offsetting programmes developed by bp Target Neutral (bpTN).