Castrol launches range of advanced fluids for electric vehicles
Photo courtesy of Castrol

Castrol launches range of advanced fluids for electric vehicles

Castrol announced the launch of Castrol ON, the new brand for its range of advanced fluids for electric vehicles (EVs). The range includes e-transmission fluids, e-coolants and e-greases. Advanced e-transmission fluids help extend the life of the drivetrain system and enable EVs to go further on a single charge. e-coolants help keep batteries cooler, even in extreme conditions, and enable them to tolerate ultra-fast charging (>150kw), while e-greases enable EVs to perform more efficiently by minimising temperature spikes, and enhancing durability of components whilst lowering weight.

Castrol ON e-Fluids help to bring the automotive industry closer to achieving the three key tipping points for mainstream EV adoption, as identified by Castrol’s Accelerating the EVolution study. These tipping points are: a charge time of 31 minutes, a range of 469 kilometres and a price point of USD36,000. 

The move towards e-mobility

With governments announcing the acceleration of the ban on sales of new internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and predictions that 80% of passenger cars could be EVs by 2050, the race is on to meet the key tipping points and ensure EVs meet consumer expectations. 

As well as an advanced range of e-fluids for ‘first fill’ applications, Castrol has developed an e-fluid for workshops – Castrol ON e-Transmission Fluid E1 – which will be available in BYD workshops across China in 2021.

Castrol’s e-fluids range has been developed in close collaboration with industry partners including the Jaguar Racing Formula E Team. Castrol ON’s motorsport collaborations mean that e-fluid technologies can be pushed and tested to the limit on the track before they reach the road.

 “Pioneering technology and product innovation have been at the heart of Castrol for over a century. We constantly look to create better, more relevant products to meet the dynamic and ever-changing needs of our customers,” said Mandhir Singh, senior vice president at Castrol.

“Our Accelerating the EVolution report helped us to identify the need for EVs to go further, charge faster and provide better value for money. The Castrol ON range provides vehicles with the e-Fluids they need to overcome these challenges. By turning Castrol’s vast technology expertise to this new area we are helping to shape the future of transport.”

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