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Castrol launches smarter metalworking fluid management

Castrol launches smarter metalworking fluid management
Photo courtesy of Tiefenbach

Castrol has launched SmartControl, a system that provides automatic, in-machine real-time monitoring and management of metalworking fluids. Developed in collaboration with German control systems experts Tiefenbach, it is a real-time condition monitoring system that puts the user in total control of metalworking fluid operations.

As well as providing instant data, SmartControl works in conjunction with Castrol XBB cutting fluids to optimise system stability, providing efficiency, productivity and confidence that comes from SmartControl.

“At Castrol we know that managing cutting fluids requires many manual processes, like sampling, testing, intervention and documentation, which are an inefficient use of our customers’ time and resources. That’s why we’ve created Castrol SmartControl. It can maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of our customers’ cutting fluid management and limit the associated HSSE risks,” said Mathias Buschbeck, global industrial leader at Castrol.

SmartControl moves monitoring and management to a new level, and takes repetitive, dirty, and dangerous tasks out of engineers’ hands. Real-time condition monitoring is designed to minimise errors and maintain fluids and their performance by integrating with Industry 4.0 technology.

SmartControl continually measures the following parameters: Concentration, pH level, conductivity, temperature, volume and flow.

The most important parameter of the metalworking fluid is controlled automatically. Any variation from the specification triggers an alert. It does this without manual sampling, meaning no loss of time while samples are transported to the lab to be analysed, and ensures there are no delays on account of reports being sent late. SmartControl even self-cleans and self-calibrates, in order to maintain ongoing accuracy.

Having instant access to robust data in these areas gives manufacturers the information required to make essential decisions that will influence processes, and ensures that any issues can be spotted, and subsequently remedied, immediately.

SmartControl offers far more than just allowing you to improve condition monitoring. The system can be connected with a control to automate MWF management, meaning that manual intervention is kept to a minimum.

Not only that, but health and safety can be enhanced. The well-being of employees is paramount to all manufacturers, and by utilizing more automated process, and keeping human intervention to an absolute minimum, the HSSE risk can be reduced, and operators will be far less likely to be involved in any accidents.