Castrol signs partnership with XING to optimize EV fluids
Photo courtesy of XING Mobility

Castrol signs partnership with XING to optimize EV fluids

Castrol has announced a partnership with XING Mobility to further develop its immersion cooling battery technology, offering unprecedented power and safety for the rapidly growing electric vehicle (EV) market.

“We think this partnership with XING Mobility will allow us to learn from each other’s expertise and co-engineer exceptional market leading products that improve battery system performance and drive the electric vehicle market forward,” said Rebecca Yates, VP Advanced Mobility & Industrial Products at Castrol.

Since 2015, XING Mobility, a pioneer in immersion cooling technology, has continued to advance its battery system and powertrain technologies, setting itself apart from competitors by providing automotive-grade systems to early adopters of the technology. Its breakthrough technology directly submerges widely available lithium-ion battery cells in an e-thermal fluid. Castrol’s recently launched product, Castrol ON e-thermal fluid is circulated through XING Mobility’s battery system with a dynamic flow rate to provide superior battery thermal management that enables improved efficiency, and is especially designed to meet the highly challenging specifications, conditions and safety demanded by these applications.

This new partnership with XING Mobility will mean Castrol can benefit from XING Mobility’s adaptability and innovative spirit, while XING Mobility will benefit from Castrol’s pioneering fluid research and expertise. The two will work together to optimise fluid and hardware to improve battery system performance in electric vehicles.

“Forming a strong partnership with Castrol not only brings world leading fluid expertise to XING Mobility that greatly advances our development, but helps us to provide ultra-fast charging EV battery systems to more of the world’s automakers,” said Royce YC Hong, co-founder and CEO of XING Mobility.