Castrol unveils first low viscosity 0W-20 oil with triple OEM approval
Photo courtesy of Castrol

Castrol unveils first low viscosity 0W-20 oil with triple OEM approval

Castrol has introduced Castrol EDGE 0W-20 LL IV, the world’s first low viscosity engine oil to simultaneously secure approvals from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen. This innovative product, designed for petrol, diesel, and hybrid vehicles, is available in one-litre, four-litre, and five-litre packs.

The new lubricant has met the stringent standards of BMW Longlife-17 FE+, MB-Approval 229.72 (Mercedes-Benz), and VW 508 00/509 00 (Volkswagen). Additionally, it is approved for Porsche C20 and meets the specifications of Ford WSS-M2C956-A1, as well as ACEA C5 and C6 0W-20 oils. Rigorous testing over 10,000 hours has proven its capability to reduce friction, enhance efficiency, and minimise harmful emissions.

Designed to tackle modern engine challenges, Castrol EDGE 0W-20 LL IV addresses the high pressures associated with turbocharging and the risks of low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI), a common issue in smaller, turbocharged engines. This ensures better performance and protection for engines operating under high loads at low speeds.

Ralf Wobben, brand and product specialist at Castrol, highlighted that this new product exemplifies Castrol’s commitment to working with vehicle manufacturers to deliver advanced, efficient engine oils. 

“Castrol EDGE is our most advanced range of engine oils that can meet the most demanding specifications,” said Wobben. “To be at the forefront of a fast-paced industry is an example of Castrol’s leading work with vehicle manufacturers to engineer engine oils that can unlock performance and increase efficiency. This world-first low-viscosity ‘combi’ 0W-20 lubricant demonstrates how we’re taking the latest technological advances and delivering them in a product that is suitable for numerous applications.”