Castrol unveils new branding and product claims for synthetic oils
Photo courtesy of Castrol

Castrol unveils new branding and product claims for synthetic oils

Castrol, a leader in lubricant solutions and part of the bp group, has announced a significant rebranding of its synthetic oil lineup, along with new claims of enhanced performance and protection. This announcement coincides with Castrol’s 125th anniversary, marking a year of innovation and new initiatives, including a refreshed corporate brand and packaging design.

Castrol EDGE Extended Performance, the company’s most advanced synthetic motor oil, now boasts an impressive oil change interval of up to 25,000 miles. Rigorous testing has shown that it offers:

  • High-Temperature Performance: 50 times better than the industry standard.
  • Wear Protection: Six times better than the industry standard.
  • Viscosity Breakdown Resistance: Three times stronger than the leading full-synthetic oils.

Additionally, Castrol EDGE Extended Performance is the only engine oil that meets all three key industry specifications: API, GM dexos Gen3, and ACEA C2/C5.

Relaunch of flagship brands

The relaunch includes Castrol’s three flagship synthetic oils, each offering best-in-class oil change intervals:

  • Castrol GTX Full Synthetic: 10,000-mile oil drainage interval.
  • Castrol EDGE: 20,000-mile oil drainage interval.
  • Castrol EDGE Extended Performance: 25,000-mile oil drainage interval.

This relaunch will be supported by an extensive omnichannel marketing campaign that debuted in May.

Commitment to innovation

“For 125 years, Castrol has pushed the boundaries of innovation to deliver superior performance and protection,” said Andreas Osbar, president and CEO of Castrol Americas. “Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations, and with our synthetic motor oils, we are doing exactly that.”

The new synthetic oils are designed to offer consumers more miles of protection and performance, with extended oil change intervals viewed as indicators of quality and durability.