CEP to spearhead major expansion of LWART Brazil's re-refinery
Photo courtesy of Chemical Engineering Partners

CEP to spearhead major expansion of LWART Brazil’s re-refinery

Chemical Engineering Partners (CEP), based in Santa Ana, California, U.S.A., has been selected to design the expansion of LWART’s existing re-refinery in São Paulo, Brazil, according CEP President and CEO Joshua Park. 

This expansion is set to boost the re-refinery’s production of Group II base oil by 50%, positioning it as the world’s second-largest used oil re-refinery. Lwart Environmental Solutions, a Brazilian company specialising in re-refining of used oils, has its headquarters located in Lençóis Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil. The company is known for its commitment to environmental sustainability and innovative approaches in the re-refining process.

Originally designed by CEP, the LWART São Paulo re-refinery commenced operations in early 2013. As the largest re-refinery in South America, it has enjoyed more than a decade of success. The new initiative to collect and re-refine more used oil aligns with Brazil’s goal to reduce reliance on imported lubricating base oil.

Park expressed his enthusiasm for CEP’s ongoing collaboration with LWART, now entering its 14th year. He highlighted the economic and environmental benefits that the CEP Process has consistently delivered to LWART.

Thiago Trecenti, CEO of LWART Environmental Solutions, shared his excitement about the expansion. He praised CEP’s technology for consistently producing superior quality Group II base oil and acknowledged the valuable ongoing technical support from CEP. Trecenti noted that choosing CEP for the plant’s expansion design was a straightforward decision, given their successful history.