Cepsa expands reach with Ballenoil service stations acquisition
Photo courtesy of Cepsa

Cepsa expands reach with Ballenoil service stations acquisition

Cepsa, also known as Compañía Española de Petróleos, S.A.U., a Spanish multinational oil and gas company, has announced an agreement to acquire Ballenoil’s network of service stations, a leader in the low-cost segment in Spain. This acquisition, subject to regulatory approval, will significantly expand Cepsa’s service station business, surpassing 2,000 establishments in the Iberian market.

Ballenoil, known for its pioneering role in automated service stations offering low-cost fuel, currently operates more than 220 stations across mainland Spain. Under this agreement, Ballenoil plans to grow its network to 500 stations by 2027. This expansion is a testament to Ballenoil’s innovative business model and commitment to providing affordable fuel options, especially in a market characterised by high energy price volatility and growing low-cost service demand.

Cepsa’s commitment to sustainability and diverse offerings

Cepsa aims to position Ballenoil as a sustainability leader in the low-cost segment. This ambition includes enhancing Ballenoil’s services with electric vehicle charging points and the sale of biofuels. Pierre-Yves Sachet, director of Mobility and New Commerce at Cepsa, emphasised the goal of consolidating Ballenoil as a prominent low-cost brand while also transforming Cepsa’s premium service network. This dual approach will cater to various customer profiles, offering decarbonised energy solutions and ultra-convenience services.

The company will maintain the Ballenoil brand, as well as its business model and current structure, to consolidate its position in the low-cost segment and offer the market a range of fuels with affordable prices that facilitate mobility in a context of high price volatility.

Ballenoil has revolutionised the Spanish service station industry with its automated, low-cost model. The network offers 24-hour service, staff presence during business hours, and self-service car wash facilities. To enhance customer convenience, Ballenoil provides a mobile app, ‘Easy Fuel’, and a unique identification service, ‘DNI&Go’, for seamless refueling.

Cepsa’s broader strategy and future goals

In line with its 2030 ‘Positive Motion’ strategy, Cepsa is committed to becoming a leader in the energy transition. This commitment involves transforming its service station network into digitised, multi-energy spaces offering ultra-convenience services and catering to sustainable mobility needs. Cepsa’s current focus includes expanding its ultra-fast charging infrastructure, aiming to install these chargers at more than 1,000 stations by 2030. These chargers, with a minimum capacity of 150kW, enable approximately 80% battery recharge in about 10 minutes, depending on the vehicle model.