Chemtura to expand antioxidant capacity in Italy

U.S.-based specialty chemical company Chemtura Corporation said it will expand its production capacity for primary antioxidants (ADPAs) in Latina, Italy, to meet the future market needs of the automotive petroleum additive industry worldwide. This expansion will include building a new ADPA plant, doubling the ADPA capacity of its Latina facility. It is expected that this new plant will begin producing Naugalube® antioxidants before the end of 2016.

“As the transportation sector gears up for the latest requirements in greater fuel efficiency, the market is
indicating a step increase in antioxidant demand in years 2017 and 2018,” says Kerim Wewer, head of Chemtura’s Asset Management EMEA. “Our efforts are part of a long-range capacity expansion program that started in 2014 to ensure a continuous supply of high-quality antioxidants to the industry.”

In 2014 and 2015, Chemtura increased ADPA capacity at its Elmira site in Ontario, Canada and at its Latina site. Chemtura said additional capacity increases and expansions will be initiated according to market requirements.

Antioxidant demand is being driven by higher fuel efficiency standards that are moving the industry toward downsized turbo-charged engines with higher power densities. This, in turn, results in higher engine operating temperatures and accelerated oxidation in engine oils. According to projected growth rates, the demand for antioxidants is expected to increase annually by about 5% through 2018.

“Chemtura is the ADPA market leader for lubricant additive applications,” said Laurence Messe, global
asset manager, Inhibitors. “As such, we’re committed to meeting the increased demand for antioxidants and the evolving needs of the global lubricant industry.”