Chevron appoints ICONIC as its base oil distributor in Brazil
Photo courtesy of ICONIC

Chevron appoints ICONIC as its base oil distributor in Brazil

Chevron Products Company, a Chevron U.S.A. Inc. division, has designated ICONIC as Chevron’s exclusive base oil distributor in Brazil effective September 1, 2023. ICONIC, a joint venture between Chevron and Ipiranga, has established a separate business structure dedicated solely to base oil commercialization, distinct from its lubricants operations. The venture promises a seasoned distribution network, fortified by a cohesive technical support team. Chevron will be the sole provider of Group II and Group III base oils for distribution.

A leading producer of premium Group II and Group III base oils, Chevron Base Oils offers a global product slate from five manufacturing facilities, distributed via 17 hubs globally.

ICONIC, Brazil’s premier lubricant marketer, offers a diverse product range from two manufacturing facilities, distributing base oil via a dedicated terminal connected to the Rio de Janeiro port.

Ipiranga is a Brazilian fuel company and is considered one of the largest oil distribution companies in Brazil. It is a subsidiary of the Ultra Group (Grupo Ultra). Ipiranga’s operations include the distribution and marketing of gasoline, ethanol, diesel, lubricants, and other petroleum derivatives. The company also operates a network of convenience stores and service stations across Brazil. Ipiranga has a significant presence in the Brazilian market and is recognized for its red and yellow branding.

Brazil stands as Latin America’s most expansive lubricants market. The ongoing modernisation of vehicle fleets in the country is amplifying the demand for superior quality lubricants in Brazil. Reformulation can be intricate and expensive. Chevron’s comprehensive qualifications portfolio, combined with ICONIC’s technical prowess, ensures that Chevron’s Group II and NEXBASE® Group III base oils simplify and economise the qualification process for new lubricant formulations.

Alicia Logan, Chevron Base Oils’ general manager, remarked, “ICONIC is Chevron’s perfect match in Brazil. Their market expertise, combined with our premium base oils, ensures customers receive top-tier base oils complemented by a robust technical support team.”

Having served the region for more than a decade, Chevron Base Oils was the pioneer premium base oil supplier with a dedicated hub in Brazil. Marcelo Guimaraes, ICONIC Base Oil executive manager, said, “We eagerly anticipate distributing Chevron’s Group II and NEXBASE Group III base oils. Our vast network and storage capabilities, especially with our new Base Oil Terminal, ensure a unique and dependable supply.”

In 2019, Chevron announced that it had selected petroleum distribution company quantiQ, a leader in the distribution of chemical products in Brazil, to distribute Chevron’s premium base oils in Brazil. Chevron said its local representatives will guide customers and distributors throughout the transition phase.