Chevron Lubricants launches new engine oil for natural gas engine applications

Chevron Lubricants has launched HDAX 9200, a new engine oil for natural gas engine applications. HDAX 9200 is designed for the latest generation high output, turbocharged, low emission 4-stroke engines which require low-ash lubricant technology. The oil has strong oxidation and nitration resistance and strong base retention characteristics which help to prolong oil service life and minimise viscosity increases while in service.

The new product offers robust component protection with reliable corrosion resistance and good combustion chamber deposit protection, the company said.

HDAX 9200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil SAE 40 has been formulated with a combination of premium base oils and high performance additives which extend oil drain periods, while low fluid volatility helps reduce oil consumption. The new product is formulated with Group II base oil, which offers low sulphur, nitrogen and aromatic content, in combination with ashless dispersant and oxidation inhibitors, with a metallic detergent and anti-wear additive system.

“Following a number of extensive field trials with the latest generation of high BMEP engines, the HDAX 9200 engine oil has demonstrated the ability to provide protection at low oil consumption rates, minimise combustion chamber and piston deposits and extend drain capability. These benefits combine to give customers reduced costs for oil and maintenance work and help to avoid the cost of buying power on the grid,” said Chevron Lubricants Power Generation Co-Ordinator – Europe Paul Nadin-Salter.

HDAX 9200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil SAE 40 is formulated to meet catalyst compatibility requirements with low phosphorus levels and is suitable for use with fuels containing low levels of sulphur and chlorofluorocarbons (CFC).