Chevron Lummus commissions IsoTerra unit at El Segundo Refinery
Photo courtesy of Pedro Szekely

Chevron Lummus commissions IsoTerra unit at El Segundo Refinery

Chevron Lummus Global (CLG), a joint venture between Chevron U.S.A. Inc. and Lummus Technology, has successfully commissioned its IsoTerra technology at Chevron's El Segundo Refinery in the U.S. state of California. This marks a significant advancement in refining technology, enhancing the refinery's efficiency and environmental performance.

The IsoTerra process, a novel technology developed by CLG, is designed to upgrade heavy oil into more valuable, lighter petroleum products. This process not only increases the yield of high-value products like gasoline and diesel but also reduces the production of heavier, less desirable ones.

The implementation of IsoTerra technology at the El Segundo Refinery is a strategic move by Chevron to optimise its refining operations. This technology aligns with Chevron's commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship, as it allows for more efficient processing of crude oil while minimising environmental impact.

The commissioning of the IsoTerra unit is a testament to CLG's expertise in refining technologies and its ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions to the industry. This development is expected to set a new standard in refining efficiency and sustainability.

For the El Segundo Refinery, one of the largest on the U.S. West Coast, the adoption of IsoTerra technology represents a significant step forward in its operational capabilities. It enhances the refinery's competitiveness in the market by enabling it to process a wider range of crude oils more efficiently and sustainably.

The successful commissioning of the IsoTerra unit at Chevron's El Segundo Refinery underscores the ongoing evolution of the refining industry towards more innovative and environmentally responsible practices. It highlights the role of advanced technologies in driving this transformation and sets a benchmark for other refineries worldwide.