Chevron offers low-viscosity base oil grade in Europe

Chevron Corp. is now making available a low-viscosity base oil, Chevron Neutral Oil 60R, produced by Chevron U.S.A. Inc., in Europe. This viscosity grade can improve the performance of a broad range of industrial oil applications including transformer oils and low-viscosity hydraulic oils, as well as many process oil applications. Currently, most of these applications are formulated with Group I base oils, which are high in sulfur and other impurities. Chevron’s Neutral Oil 60R, produced by an all-hydroprocessing technology, has very low sulfur and contains almost no impurities. “In Europe, there has been a lot of attention focused on minimising vehicle emissions because of the inescapable exhaust of trucks,” said Chevron’s General Manager of Base Oils, Cary Knuth. “However, there are significant environmental gains to be had from industrial formulations as well. In many industrial applications, when Chevron’s all-hydroprocessed base oils are used instead of Group I base oils, oil life can be extended by as much as 300%. In addition to reducing operating costs for the user, they also reduce the amount of waste oil. We anticipate that Chevron Neutral Oil 60R will become a staple for European industrial oil manufacturers, enabling them to optimise performance and cost.” The base oils will be available from Chevron’s local affiliate at its supply hub in Antwerp and through its European distributor, Multisol (Brenntag).