Chevron Oronite completes expansion at Singapore additives plant
Photo courtesy of Chevron Oronite

Chevron Oronite completes expansion at Singapore additives plant

Chevron Oronite announced the completion of Phases 1 and 2 of its lubricant additives expansion project in Singapore. Headquartered in San Ramon, California, U.S.A., Chevron Oronite is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lubricant additives, fuel additives and chemicals. The business unit is composed of numerous indirect, wholly-owned subsidiaries of global energy major Chevron Corporation. 

“The expansion work in Singapore is an important addition to our manufacturing capabilities in Asia. It demonstrates our continued commitment to invest in markets where we see potential for growth and an opportunity to provide better value to customers,” said Colleen Cervantes, president of Chevron Oronite.

In Phase 1, which started construction in February 2020, facilities and supporting infrastructure were added in the Singapore Manufacturing Plant to manufacture two new detergent components. 

In Phase 2, which was finished in July 2022, the blending facility was upgraded and expanded to allow more complex additive packages to be blended and supplied from the plant.

“This project has expanded the core component capabilities of the Singapore Manufacturing Plant, enabling us to produce the majority of components that go into our additive packages. This allows us to further integrate our manufacturing processes and control the variables to improve both quality and lead times,” said Lim Keng Yang, general manager of Manufacturing and Supply, Asia Pacific Region.

“With this new investment and our network of manufacturing plants in Asia, we are delivering more products directly to our customers in the region. This helps to enhance the supply reliability of our products which is critical in the current dynamic environment that is filled with many uncertainties and disruptions,” said Eugene Ng, general manager of Sales and Marketing, Asia Pacific Region.

In 2017, Chevron Oronite added carboxylate production capabilities to its Singapore Manufacturing Plant. Carboxylate is an effective, sulfur-free detergent often used in Oronite formulations that provide differentiated additive solutions for customers’ finished lubricants, used primarily in marine and automotive engine lubricants. The completion of the project was a significant milestone, doubling Chevron Oronite’s worldwide production capacity of the component.

The Singapore Manufacturing Plant was commissioned in 1999 and is the largest additives manufacturing facility in the Asia-Pacific region.