Chevron Oronite Launches Enhanced Olefin Co-Polymer Product for Improved Low-Temperature Performance

San Ramon-based chemical manufacturing company, Chevron Oronite, announced on March 2, 2018, the introduction of a new enhanced 35 SSI high ethylene olefin co-polymer (OCP) into its existing PARATONE® product range. PARATONE® 8935E is intended for passenger car motor oil applications and is certified to the latest engine oil specifications including ILSAC GF-5, and API SN+ for low-speed pre-ignition mitigation.

Chevron Oronite claims PARATONE® 8935E will offer improved low-temperature performance over PARATONE® 8910 and other OCPs. According to the company’s website, the robust low-temperature performance of enhanced PARATONE® OCPs has been confirmed through recognized industry tests such as MRV, pour point, scanning Brookfield, and CEC-L105.

Other stated benefits of Oronite’s OCP viscosity modifiers include excellent thickening efficiency – which means you’ll likely need less product in your finished formulations; extended shear stability; and improved blending and handling. “Engine and bench testing of several commercially available products has demonstrated that PARATONE 8935E is better than or equivalent to conventional OCPs of similar SSI grade in all evaluated performance categories,” affirms Patrick McDougall, global product line manager, viscosity modifiers, Chevron Oronite.

PARATONE® products are recommended for most viscosity grades, and enhanced OCPs typically come in pellet form for ease of dissolution. However, the company has also advised in a statement they will be making PARATONE® 8935E available in liquid concentrate form in Group II base oils, under the brand name PARATONE® 35EX.  PARATONE® 35EX will be available at strategically located manufacturing facilities in bulk and drum quantities.