Chevron Oronite receives first dexos1™ Gen 3 approval from GM
Photo courtesy of GM

Chevron Oronite receives first dexos1™ Gen 3 approval from GM

U.S.-based additive manufacturer Chevron Oronite announced an important milestone by receiving its first dexos1™ Gen 3 approval from General Motors (GM) for their additive technology based on its OLOA® 55516 and OLOA 55600 series. 

“Oronite has a proven legacy in PCMO [passenger car motor oil] technology,” said Teri Crosby, vice-president, Global Technology, Chevron Oronite. “Our OLOA 55516 and OLOA 55600 series are ready to deliver the latest dexos1 performance requirements while simultaneously meeting ILSAC GF-6 standards.” 

Designed to meet GM vehicles’ performance needs, the new specification includes a more recent version of the stochastic pre-ignition (SPI) test, fuel economy test, and upgraded performance limits for deposit and sludge tests. Oronite has conducted extensive testing on existing and new formulations delivering on the company’s latest PCMO technology. 

“We are fully committed to delivering innovative solutions globally to meet performance needs of current and new engine hardware technologies. With this dexos1 Gen 3 approval, we are pleased to meet GM’s engine oil needs for their next generation gasoline powered hardware,” said Laurent Jumelle, global product line manager, Automotive Engine Oils, Viscosity Modifiers, and Small Engines, Chevron Oronite.

Current dexos1 Gen 2 licenses will expire by September 1, 2022. Oronite said it will be working with its customers throughout 2021 and beyond to assist them with their dexos1 Gen 3 product upgrade needs using the OLOA 55516 and OLOA 55600 series additive technology.