Chevron rebrands commercial and industrial lubricant brand in Europe

Texaco Delo is the new name for Chevron Lubricants’ commercial and industrial brand in European markets.

Chevron, which operates under the Texaco master brand in Europe, made the change to align its European heavy-duty lubricant business with the global Delo brand, which is currently used in North and Central America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

The Texaco Delo brand not only applies to heavy-duty engine oils, but to other product lines as well, bringing engine oils, drive train fluids, final drive fluids, greases and extended life coolants under one brand, for the first time.

The launch of Texaco Delo in Europe means the company will leverage its global expertise in ongoing work with international original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), channel partners and end-user customers, in the development of new and existing products and services.

“With more and more international OEMs and customers requiring access to high-quality products across the globe it is becoming increasingly important for Chevron to align its commercial lubricants under one globally recognized brand,” says James Welchman, marketing manager, EMEA, Chevron Lubricants. “Texaco Delo will facilitate such alignment, giving customers and partners the benefit of a bumper to bumper product suite across the globe.”

“Our goal is to optimise our customer’s vehicle performance to help minimise operating costs, improve component durability and thereby maximise vehicle reliability. Many OEMs and global customers would like to be able to buy the same product in all regions, and so, where required and where possible, global formulations will be introduced,” he said.

“Offering Texaco Delo means European customers benefit from the strength and reliability of the Texaco marque, and the integrity and proof of performances of the Delo family of products.”

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