Chevron taps Ekin Kimya to distribute Chevron premium base oils and process oils in Turkey

Chevron Corp. affiliate Chevron Belgium N.V. has signed an agreement with WhiteChem, SA, based in Geneva, Switzerland, to use its Istanbul-based agent, chemicals distribution company Ekin Kimya, as the authorized distributor of Chevron premium base oils and process oils in Turkey.

Chevron’s growing Group II presence in the region will enhance formulation optimization for Turkey’s marketers of premium lubricants.

Since its founding in 1995, Ekin Kimya has established itself as the leading supplier of high quality chemicals and additives in Turkey. As part of Ak-tas, one of the largest industrial chemicals distributors in Turkey, Ekin Kimya will offer prospective customers a full range of services, including local storage, logistics and importantly, support from a highly experienced technical staff. Storage will be conveniently located at Solventas Terminals in the Gebze area.

Turkey is at the crossroads of trade between Europe, Asia and Africa. It has become a regional hub, with more than USD 2 trillion worth of freight moving through the region. More than 60% of that will be by road. To support the growing industry, Turkey is building more than 5,500km of new roadway. The fleet moving on that roadway is growing and the vehicles are getting newer. The engines require higher performing lubricants for optimal performance.

“We are very excited to represent Chevron Group II base oils. As Turkey’s transport role grows, so does our need to supply premium lubricants. Chevron premium base oils are an important link to the future for our customers,” said Muharrem Aktas, chairman of Ak-Tas.

Gamze Çitiroğlu, general manager of Ekin Kimya, added, “Critically important to us in aligning with Chevron is their supply reliability. With three plants producing base oils with the same specs, we are confident that we will always be able to meet our customers’ needs.”

Cary Knuth, vice president of Chevron Base Oils, said that “Ekin Kimya’s breadth of service combined with its technical experience and commitment to operational excellence make it an ideal partner for us in supporting the needs of regional lubricant marketers. Of particular importance is its import expertise.”