Chevron Thailand launches engine oils with better fuel economy
Photo courtesy of Chevron

Chevron Thailand launches engine oils with better fuel economy

Chevron Thailand Limited today announced the launch of its reformulated Caltex Havoline® ProDS Fully Synthetic ECO (Caltex Havoline ECO) engine oil series that provides all-round protection and helps to enhance fuel economy for optimum engine performance. Meeting and even surpassing the latest industry standards, these engine oils aim to deliver superior results for passenger cars and light truck petrol engines under severe operating conditions.

The upgraded Caltex Havoline ECO product range now meets the American Petroleum Institute (API) SP and International Lubricant Standardization Advisory Committee (ILSAC) GF-6A and GF-6B standards. These are the latest engine oil performance standards in the industry that address both current and modern engines’ critical demands. As a result, Caltex Havoline ECO offers improved fuel economy and advanced protection against chain wear and low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) with optimal deposit control.

“Modern engines consistently require next-level engine oil performance for motorists to harness their vehicles’ full potential. Constant engine upkeep is vital to ensure a vehicle’s longevity and efficient performance. With more vehicles getting back on the road to accommodate the increasing movement of people and goods, the need for engine reliability in their day-to-day operations also increases,” said Alice Potter, country chair and general manager, Chevron Thailand Limited.

The upgraded Caltex Havoline ECO product range is designed to preserve engines and turbocharger durability with 360-degree engine protection from wear, LSPI, sludge and varnish deposit, oxidation, and corrosion. The new engine oils are formulated with Deposit Shield™ Technology, a proprietary cleaning booster that helps to extend peak performance and efficiency of high-performance engines, particularly those under severe stop-and-go driving conditions and those carrying heavy loads.

The upgraded Caltex Havoline ECO product range is available in four viscosity grades: SAE 5W-30, 5W-40, 0W-16, and 0W-20. 

Aside from synthetic base fluids, the range includes proprietary additive technologies with deposit control.

The upgraded engine oil range also offers improved fuel economy with tailored viscosity characteristics, effective friction modifier, enhanced thermal stability, and oxidation resistance. These features assist to reduce engine operation and maintenance costs for drivers and mechanics.

”Leveraging the world-class Caltex heritage, we strive to continuously improve our products to meet and exceed the latest industry standards, and address trends in our market and environment,” added Potter.

The reformulated Caltex Havoline ECO products are now available at select Caltex service stations and auto supply shops in Thailand.