Chevron's Taro Ultra Advanced 40 oil earns WinGD's approval
Photo courtesy of Chevron Marine Products

Chevron’s Taro Ultra Advanced 40 oil earns WinGD’s approval

Chevron Marine Products has achieved another milestone as its Taro Ultra Advanced 40 oil receives a No Objection Letter (NOL) from engine manufacturer WinGD, marking its compatibility with both Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

This endorsement follows a previous NOL from MAN Energy Solutions, further attesting to the oil’s effectiveness. The oil underwent rigorous testing on a WinGD 9X82 low-speed engine, operating on VLSFO, and showcased low wear and deposit levels, leading to its approval for general LNG use.

Frank Venter of WinGD expressed appreciation for the collaborative efforts with Chevron. He highlighted the continuous pursuit of innovative lubrication solutions to accommodate the evolving fuel mix, regulatory landscape, and market demands.

Luc Verbeeke, senior staff engineer at Chevron Marine Products, echoed the sentiment. The dual endorsements from WinGD and MAN Energy Solutions underscore Taro Ultra Advanced 40’s core capabilities in lubrication, acid neutralisation, and maintaining engine cleanliness. Chevron is committed to ensuring the oil’s availability globally and continues extensive testing for compatibility with various engine types.

Taro Ultra Advanced 40, part of Chevron’s Taro Ultra oil series, is engineered for optimal piston cleanliness at moderate base number (BN) and oil ash levels, negating the need for alternating cylinder oils to maintain cleanliness.