China's CSPC to produce PAO using Neste's NEXPAO technology
Photo courtesy of Neste

China’s CSPC to produce PAO using Neste’s NEXPAO technology

CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Company Limited (CSPC), an important petrochemicals joint venture in China, will use Neste’s proprietary NEXPAO™ technology at its new synthetic base oil production unit in Daya Bay Economic & Technological Development Zone, Huizhou City, China. 

CSPC has recently signed an agreement with Neste’s Engineering Solutions, a global solution provider of technology, engineering and project services, according to parent Neste Corporation, which is based in Espoo, Finland.

CSPC mainly produces olefin and derivative products for the domestic Chinese market. CSPC’s products are widely used in agriculture, manufacturing, construction industry, medicine and consumer goods etc.

Implementation of a production unit utilizing NEXPAO technology is an important milestone to fulfil CSPC’s strategy to expand China’s petrochemicals industry as well as their goal to supply essential and premium chemical products to the region. NEXPAO technology also enables energy efficient production involving moderate process conditions which is in line with CSPC’s commitment to implement a sustainable development strategy.

NEXPAO is a commercially fully proven technology to produce synthetic base oils (polyalphaolefins) for demanding applications. 

Polyalphaolefins (PAOs) are typically used in top tier automotive engine oils, but there are also various other applications where they can be used. PAOs, produced with NEXPAO technology, are low viscosity base oil products with superior properties when compared with mineral oils, such as excellent viscosity index, low volatility (Noack), high oxidation stability and excellent cold flow properties.

“We are very excited to be a part of CSPC’s strategy and delighted that our NEXPAO technology has been recognized to be a beneficial way to produce top-quality synthetic base oils. With this technology we are able to help our customers to answer to the ever increasing environmental and efficiency requirements in automotive and industrial applications. By providing our NEXPAO technology to base oil producers we are bringing cleaner and more sustainable top-quality lubrication into use, which is in line with our purpose to create a healthier planet for our children,” says Patrick von Essen, senior vice president, Engineering Solutions at Neste.