Citgo’s SynDurance 668 receives Allison Transmission approval

Allison Transmission, a global leader in automatic transmission manufacturing, has approved Citgo Lubricants’ SynDurance 668 for use in applications requiring a TES 668™ fluid. This new Allison Transmission fluid specification became available in the market in January 2021.

Citgo Lubricants’ SynDurance 668 features a fully synthetic formulation, engineered for maintenance efficiency, protection of critical components from premature failure,  and extended oil drain interval.

SynDurance 668 is a technological advancement on QuatraSyn Transmission Fluid, which has a history of proven performance for use in vocational vehicles, such as refuse trucks, construction material trucks, trailers and vehicles operating in frequent stop-and-go conditions. It is fully backward compatible for use in transmissions requiring a TES 295™ fluid. Allison TES 295® automatic transmission fluids feature extended drain intervals and enhanced transmission performance and durability in all operating environments with on-highway products.

Other approved Allison Transmission TES 668™ fluids include DuraDrive™ HD Synthetic 668 and Castrol TranSynd™ 668.

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