Cosan Lubricants is now Moove

Cosan Lubricants, a leader in the premium lubricant market segment in Brazil, has been re-branded into Moove.

Since 2008, when Cosan acquired ExxonMobil in Brazil, the brand has gone through some changes. The Esso brand was re-branded to Cosan Fuels and Lubricants, and then Cosan Lubricants, and now Moove.

According to company president Ricardo Mussa, the new corporate identity was born of legitimate concern to represent the company’s current objectives.

“Today we represent high-tech products, an efficient distribution model, innovation and efficiency in the way of operating, international capacity expansion, as well as a manufacturing process backed by the highest standards of quality and safety. Attributes that will surely bring recognition to the brand and increase our competitiveness in the market,” Mussa said.

In addition, the change aligns with Cosan’s other businesses, where each segment has its own brand, such as Comgás, Raizen, Rumo and Radar. ” Moove assumes its role as a lubricants company, with a unique, proprietary and independent identity, easily recognizable, while transmitting the values of Cosan,” Mussa said.

The new brand reflects all of the company’s attributes and supports future business growth, which includes targeting the international market.

“Our production and distribution model for Mobil-branded products was so successful in Brazil, today it is also being replicated outside Brazil, including Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Spain,” he said.

“We seek to provide our investors with a brand [that is] constantly growing and expanding, bringing consistent short- and long-term returns,” Mussa said.

According to Mussa, the Mobil brand of products will continue to be the main focus of its business operations. Cosan’s business relationship with ExxonMobil will remain strong and critical to the company’s growth, he added. The production and distribution of the Comma brand, as well as its Zip Lube franchise, which offers different automotive services, will follow the same business model.

Visual identity

The new layout of the brand, which was developed by the agency Tatil Design de Ideias, refers to movement, energy, innovation and transformation, always focusing on the future. While Moove has its own brand identity, it conveys the same values as Cosan. This bond is evident in the colors that are similar to the parent’s brand.

The universe of lubricants is represented by drops, which replace the letters “o” in the center of the word Moove. This is a brand that is easily recognizable and understood by all audiences, modern and timeless, designed to last many generations.

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