Croda launches range of asphaltene dispersants for marine fuel
Photo courtesy of Croda

Croda launches range of asphaltene dispersants for marine fuel

IMO 2020 has been hailed as one of the most dramatic fuel regulation changes ever implemented, and its impact on the whole shipping industry and marine fuel supply chain is already being widely reported. The new global sulphur cap introduced by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has triggered major changes in demand within the marine fuel industry. Demand for sulphur-rich heavy fuel oils has been quashed, whereas demand for lower sulphur alternatives has been boosted. Moreover, there have been “Bunker Alerts” to sediment issues within Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oils (VLSFOs) which are not restricted to a single port or region. 

Croda Energy Technologies have now launched a new range of asphaltene dispersants to help customers directly address issues with fuel stability and subsequent sedimentation. The FlowSolve M range comprises three high performing fuel additives that can help improve the stability of whichever fuel they choose to use and also help prevent fuel compatibility issues when using blend fuels. This provides the user with total flexibility in fuel choices as FlowSolve M functions in a range of oils, which is important due to variations of fuel within the global supply chain.

Founded in 1925, Croda has developed its position as a leading speciality chemical company producing a range of naturally derived products for industry, from personal care to polymer coatings, home care to health care, lubricants to crop care.

Croda Energy Technologies provides sustainable technologies that help gain and retain the energy that powers our world. Formed from four existing strong and innovative business areas within Croda, Energy Technologies integrates: Lubricants, Oil & Gas, Phase Change Materials, and Batteries and Catalysts. The Energy Technologies business mission is to provide leading technologies that address today’s issues and work in partnership with customers to develop ever-more sustainable solutions for the future.