Cross Oil announces marketing agreement with Process Oils Inc.
Photo courtesy of Ergon Inc.

Cross Oil announces marketing agreement with Process Oils Inc.

Cross Oil Refining & Marketing, Inc, based in Smackover, Arkansas,, U.S.A., and Process Oils, Inc., an Ergon company based in Houston, Texas, U.S.A., have entered into an offtake and marketing agreement.

Effective August 23, 2022, Process Oils will serve as the exclusive marketer and seller of Cross Oil’s Corsol®, L-Series, B-Series, CrossTrans®, and Ebonite® oils produced from Martin Operating Partnership L.P.’s Smackover, Arkansas, refinery.

“The Cross Oil team remains committed to our mission of manufacturing consistent and quality naphthenic oils for customers reliant on our chemistries,” said Doug Towns, senior vice president, Cross Oil Refining & Marketing, Inc. “In addition to expanding the reach of Cross products to new customers, this agreement with Process Oils provides additional technical expertise, resources and an expanded logistics network which we believe will be of great benefit to our customers.”

“Supply of high viscosity and solvency solutions continue to be impacted by global refining trends and changing performance standards. We are excited about this opportunity to expand our marketing efforts by working with a company that shares our commitment to the continued long-term supply of this chemistry to specialty applications,” said Lance Puckett, president of Process Oils.

In 2006, Cross Oil was acquired by Martin Resource Management Corporation (MRMC), a supplier of crude oil to Cross Oil for many years. In 2012, the blending and packaging business of Cross Oil was acquired by Martin Operating Partnership L.P. (MOP), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Martin Midstream Partners L.P., which now operates the business under the name Martin Lubricants. In 2013,  Martin Operating Partnership acquired the assets of NL Grease, LLC, a Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A.-based grease manufacturer specializing in private-label packaging of commercial and industrial greases.

Process Oils, Inc. began as Chemical Marketing Associates Inc. in 1979. It was purchased by Ergon in 2015. With a core business built around technical marketing of base oil and process oil products, together with green solutions such as vegetable and bio-oils, Process Oils has a demonstrated ability to work with customers around the globe to find the right chemistries for the right applications.

Process Oils has grown over the years to represent more than 10 different mineral oil refineries and five different vegetable oil refineries, providing the physical and chemical properties that its customers need to best fit their applications.