Cummins inaugurates new R&D center in Wuhan, China
Photo courtesy of Cummins

Cummins inaugurates new R&D center in Wuhan, China

Cummins East Asia Research & Development Center (EA R&D) officially opened its new site in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, located in central China. Three times larger than the original site, the new facility covers an area of 78,000 square meters, and hosts a total of 28 test cells, and more than 900 Cummins employees, representing strengthened and expanded capacity and capabilities in engineering towards a carbon zero future.

Established in 2006, EA R&D has played a key role in powering Cummins’ growth in China. It has already contributed to more than 50 VPI programs and more than 3,000 VPCR projects. Building on the legendary history, Cummins is investing USD150 million to establish cutting-edge technology research and development facilities in EA R&D to enable more fit-for-market and fit-for-application technological development, as well as accelerated innovation for Destination Zero strategy. A total of 28 test cells cover performance, reliability, NVH, and cold start. The new power building, which is still under construction, will be a combination of the most up-to-date fuel cell lab, powertrain lab, transmission lab, H2 ICE Test Cell and LD/HD Chassis Dyno. 

“Our Planet 2050 strategy requires us to work with our partners and customers to bring the market improved current products that reduce our carbon footprint today while also developing zero emissions technology of the future.” Jim Fier, Cummins VP-chief technical officer, said, “It is our technology leadership that attracts these important partners and customers. The new East Asia R&D center is an important piece of its technology leadership.”

“We are committed and confident in our ability to play a leading role in bringing lower carbon technologies to the commercial and industrial markets globally by utilizing the unique capabilities Cummins has built over many years,” said Stephen Saxby, Cummins VP- Engineering, China ABO. 

Cummins also utilized this opening event to introduce the company’s Destination Zero strategy, and how EA R&D contributes to this ambitious goal. Aiming at Destination Zero and application under multiple scenarios, the full lineup of Cummins low carbon, zero carbon power solutions were presented at the event site, covering NSVI Natural Gas Engine, fuel agnostic engine platform, H2 ICE, fuel cell and diversified powertrain solutions including Cummins engine, Eaton-Cummins transmission and Cummins Meritor axle.

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