Daimler and Electrada unite for electric truck charging solutions
Photo courtesy of Daimler Truck

Daimler and Electrada unite for electric truck charging solutions

Daimler Truck Financial Services and Electrada, a Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.-based electric vehicle charging infrastructure firm, have unveiled a joint initiative to accelerate the adoption of electric trucks and buses in North America. The partnership aims to simplify the transition to sustainable transportation for commercial fleets by offering an all-encompassing Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution.

The CaaS model, slated for introduction with select customers in 2024, is designed to be a turnkey solution. It will cover all aspects of electric vehicle charging, including infrastructure development, operation, and maintenance, at a predictable monthly rate. This initiative aligns with global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote eco-friendly transport alternatives.

Richard Howard, president of Daimler Truck Financial Services USA, emphasised the partnership’s objective to alleviate the complexities associated with the shift to electric vehicles. “Our collaboration with Electrada aims to offer a seamless charging experience, allowing transport operators to focus on their core business operations,” Howard said.

Electrada’s CEO, Kevin Kushman, expressed enthusiasm about the joint venture. “Our comprehensive CaaS solution, coupled with Daimler’s expertise, promises to significantly advance fleet electrification, offering a hassle-free electric fuel program tailored to meet the diverse needs of commercial operators,” Kushman said.

The announcement comes as the transportation sector undergoes a pivotal transformation, with an increasing focus on sustainable and efficient alternatives to traditional fossil fuels. Daimler Truck Financial Services, renowned for its innovative financial solutions for commercial vehicles, is extending its reach to support customers in this transition.

Electrada, established in 2020, has carved a niche in offering bespoke EV charging solutions. The company’s 360 CaaS model is designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of modern transport operators, promising a decade or longer of reliable service.

As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change, collaborations like the one between Daimler and Electrada are pivotal. They not only foster the adoption of green technologies but also underscore the integral role of innovative financial and operational solutions in propelling the transport sector into a sustainable future.