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DIC Corp. to develop advanced high-performance materials with Checkerspot

DIC Corporation, a Japanese multinational leader in fine chemicals and materials development, and Checkerspot, Inc., a high-performance materials innovation company, have entered into a joint development agreement (JDA) to create a new class of novel, high-performance polyols.

DIC will leverage Checkerspot’s full stack, materials innovation platform that designs materials from the molecular level through to the final product.

Checkerspot’s design-centric approach to applications development and product creation integrates biotechnology, chemistry, and advanced fabrication to bring to life unique high performance, sustainable materials.

The JDA also provides for the development of a commercial supply agreement between the companies for use by DIC of the first targeted, novel high-performance polyol. The partnership will focus on creating new and improved products and formulations for adhesives, coatings, printing inks and lubricants businesses.

The work will be carried out at the Checkerspot’s labs and headquarters in Berkeley, Calif., U.S.A.

โ€œDIC is focusing on technology that delivers value for future generations and better performance for products and applications today. Partnering with Checkerspot fits perfectly with DIC’s sustainable mission when it comes to innovation. Checkerspot is building a design-centric platform for new materials science that we see as a clear fit with our global goals. DIC will make use of Checkerspot’s already established technologies for chemical products in the production of algae oils,โ€ said Kazunari Sakai, managing executive officer, DIC.

โ€œAt Checkerspot we strongly believe in working with companies that think differently, share our passion for innovation and share our mission to create new-to-the-world high-performance materials, that are also more sustainable. We are excited to be working with DIC on developing new materials that will both perform better and be better for our planet,โ€ said Charles Dimmler, CEO of Checkerspot.