DNV releases guidelines for low-carbon hydrogen & ammonia
Photo courtesy of DNV

DNV releases guidelines for low-carbon hydrogen & ammonia

DNV has launched its latest service specification, DNV-SE-0654. This document outlines DNV’s approach to verifying claims by companies regarding the production and distribution of low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia.

Based in Oslo, Norway, DNV provides assurance to the entire energy value chain through its advisory, monitoring, verification, and certification services.

The specification is now accessible online and offers a comprehensive guide for hydrogen producers, industry participants, and regulators. It aims to provide clarity on the validation processes and standards.

The new service will assist hydrogen producers in documenting and showcasing compliance with relevant standards. This ensures the authenticity and clarity of their claims, especially concerning specific attributes, such as maintaining greenhouse gas emissions within set limits.

DNV-SE-0654 covers a range of services including advisory, verification, and validation. It addresses various hydrogen production methods, from traditional to innovative, and the associated ammonia production.

Hans Kristian Danielsen, vice president for Business Development and Sales Enablement, Energy Systems at DNV, said, “With DNV’s deep expertise, companies can confidently navigate the intricate world of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen.” He emphasised the importance of validation statements as tools for hydrogen producers to highlight their dedication to sustainability.

Jørg Aarnes, global lead for Hydrogen and CCS, Energy Systems at DNV, expressed excitement about the new specification. He noted the growing demand for clean energy solutions and the need for a robust framework to assure stakeholders and boost the hydrogen economy.