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Dorf Ketal Announces New R&D “Center of Excellence” in Singapore

Dorf Ketal Announces New R&D “Center of Excellence” in Singapore

Fuel additive manufacturer Dorf Ketal has sales offices, laboratories, warehouses, manufacturing and repackaging sites strategically located around the world including in India, China, Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands, U.A.E., Bahrain, Singapore and Malaysia.

During F+L Week 2019, at the Grand Hyatt Singapore, Aileen Valera, Vice President of Technical and Marketing, Dorf Ketal Chemicals Inc., signalled the company’s intention to invest more in Singapore, officially announcing a new laboratory in the region. During a commercial presentation on 7 March entitled “Dorf Ketal Performance Fuel Additives – Game Changing and Dynamic Technology,” Valera revealed that the new laboratory “will become the center of excellence for fuel additives.”  Dorf Ketal currently has laboratories in Porto Alegre, Brazil; Houston, Texas, U.S.A.; Singapore; and Taloja, India.

The theme of F+L Week 2019 was “Advanced and Future Technologies – 2020 and Beyond.” Valera says that beyond 2020 much of Dorf Ketal Chemical’s R&D focus will be on combustion improvers. Consumers are looking for instant tangible differentiation in performance in a highly additised market, she says. Over the past three years, the company has focused significant R&D in the area of combustion efficiency. Combustion improvers are an area that has not been thoroughly studied by the industry, she says.

Dorf Ketal’s multi-functional combustion technology provides detergency characteristics and friction reduction alongside its stated combustion efficiency. The products are universal for gasoline and diesel fuel, and provide instantaneous fuel economy and power benefits.