Dorf Ketal launches new fuel additive brands for global fuels retail market

Dorf Ketal Chemicals India Private Limited announced the launch of its fuel performance additive product line. "We are delighted to have developed our own exciting proprietary technology and manufacturing process in line with our aggressive growth strategy,” said Miltiadis Papachristos, president and chief executive officer, Fuel Additives Strategic Business Unit. “We are bringing to the global fuels retail market two new brands; mph and milEx. Mph is formulated to work with gasoline engines whereas milEx is formulated to work with diesel engines. Mph and milEx are a comprehensive portfolio of premium performance multifunctional additives, which have been tested and proven in world-class independent engine and vehicle testing facilities in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia. “They are formulated with a multitude of special cutting-edge components, which keep engines clean and protect the entire fuel system, restore engine power, acceleration, fuel economy and reduce engine-out emissions. These new brands complement our comprehensive product portfolio in refining, terminal and the cargo markets and will allow us to serve the expanding fuel retail sector." "The addition of mph and milEx brands to our product portfolio combined with the global footprint of Dorf Ketal for oil production, refining, petrochemicals, fuel additives, lubricant additives and catalysts ensures that Dorf Ketal is now uniquely placed to provide a one-stop solution, 'Crude In' to 'Fuel Out', to its global customer base,” says Sudhir Menon, chairman and managing director of Dorf Ketal Dorf Ketal Chemicals India Private Limited is a privately owned specialty chemical company based in Mumbai, India with operations in the Asia-Pacific, China, Europe, South America and North America.

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