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Dover Chemical launches new AW/EP additive

Dover Chemical launches new AW/EP additive

Dover Chemical Corporation has developed and commercialized a new phosphorus-containing EP additive for the metalworking industry.

MAYFREE 2033 is a light color and low odor extreme pressure (EP) phosphorus-based additive suitable for any metalworking application, whether it be in neat oil or aqueous coolant formulation. Also low in viscosity, it is designed for easy handling which drives high operator acceptance in cutting and forming oils. MAYFREE 2033 possesses a higher viscosity index (VI) than most phosphorus-containing additives, thus providing a thicker film at elevated temperatures. The VI measures the fluid’s change in viscosity relative to temperature change. It is mostly used to characterize the viscosity-temperature behavior of lubricating oils. The higher the VI, the more stable the viscosity remains over temperature fluctuations.

When incorporated into coolants (soluble oils, semi-synthetics, and synthetic solutions) MAYFREE 2033 provides excellent anti-wear (AW) and EP properties, while providing corrosion inhibition and enhanced emulsion stability.

MAYFREE 2033 can be used as an alternative to chlorinated alkanes at a 25% to 50% (w/w) treat level reduction. MAYFREE 2033 possesses extremely low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and is categorized by Californiaโ€™s SCAQMD Rule 1144 as super compliant. Its chemistry is not listed on California Proposition 65, and also contains no substance of very high concern (SVHC). It is soluble and stable in many carriers, such as API Group I, II, III, and IV base oils. Finally, MAYFREE 2033 has excellent cold temperature properties, thus avoiding the use of band heaters or hot rooms/boxes in the colder months.

Dover Chemical Corporation, based in Dover, Ohio, U.S.A., is a subsidiary of New York-based ICC Industries Inc., a global leader in the manufacturing, marketing and trading of chemical, plastic and pharmaceutical products. Founded as an international trading enterprise, ICC now has manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe.

Dover Chemical is a leading producer of dispersants and detergents for lubricant, fuel, explosive and industrial applications, EP and lubricant additives for powertrain, steel and metalworking applications, polymer additives, liquid and solid chlorinated paraffins, liquid and solid antioxidants (including organophosphites), flame retardants and additives for water-based or oil-based coatings. The company sells its products in the U.S.A. and Canada from its headquarters and to the rest of the world through ICC Trading Inc.