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Dow Corning introduces Molykote® G900x Series greases

Dow Corning, a global leader in specialty lubricants, has introduced Molykote® G900x Series greases, a new patented class of silicone lubricants. The product line offers a high-temperature performance solution for applications ranging from automotive to industrial and chemical equipment.

The product launch coincided with the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) 2017 Annual Meeting and Exhibition this week in Atlanta, Ga., U.S.A., where Dow Corning Lubricants Application Engineer Chad Chichester presented on game-changing Smart Lubrication™ science.

Molykote® G900x Series, including the G9000 and G9001 greases, offer high-temperature lubricity, without sacrificing low-temperature performance.

A combination of phenyl and fluoro-functional branches built on a siloxane backbone form the copolymer used in Molykote® G900x greases, providing unique properties, including:

  • High thermal stability across a wide temperature range (35 to 220 degrees Celsius)
  • Compatible with most plastics and elastomers
  • Density of 1.4 g/cm3
  • Increased application lifetime due to high thermal and oxidative stability
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Formulation capabilities with various thickener systems

“We are continuously working with industry partners to provide solutions that push the boundaries of science and technology and solve everyday challenges for lubrication performance, reliability and cost savings,” said Chichester.

“The G900x Series launch represents unprecedented innovation in silicone lubrication, opening new opportunities and possibilities in the world of specialty, high-performance lubricants.”