Dow Corning introduces three new Molykote-brand synthetic greases

Dow Corning has introduced three new Molykote-brand synthetic greases in South Korea for more effective automotive noise-damping: Molykote G-1056, G-1057 and G-1067.

The greases offer low bleed, improved noise dampening and low-temperature performance, and cleaner handling. They can be used for a variety of applications, such as power-door slide rails and actuators, vehicle body and interior components, and sliding rails and glass-fiber-reinforced plastics.

The most outstanding feature of the new grease products is its excellent noise reduction performance, Dow Corning said. Molykote product showed superior noise, voice and harshness (NVH) effect: 11dB less noise compared to the no use of grease, and 4dB less noise compared to the use of conventional grease. In addition, the product proved its low temperature performance at the test implemented down to -40°C.

New base oil and additive technology enable these new greases to have lower friction at low temperature and better noise dampening properties at room temperature, Dow Corning said.

Less stringiness and easy handling is also one of the features of these greases. Thanks to this, the user can not only handle the grease more easily.

Controlled oil separation and bleed which help cleaner parts and less staining is another offering.

Molykote’s new greases proved its excellent quality showing the lower oil bleed compared to the use of conventional grease under test conditions of 100°C for 24 hours. It also holds good water resistance, which provide optimised performance for vehicle components that are easily exposed to water in case of rain or car wash.

“As automotive manufactures are putting more efforts on NVH performance to provide better experience for their consumers, the Molykote’s new greases are expected to meet those needs with its excellent noise dampening properties. We will continuously introduce the innovative lubricants solutions to the Korea market and customers,” said In-Hee Han, Dow Corning Korea marketing manager.

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