Duckhams lubricants brand launched in UAE
Photo courtesy of Duckhams

Duckhams lubricants brand launched in UAE

Duckhams has launched its lubricants brand in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and has appointed Emirates for Universal Tyres LLC as its exclusive distributor in the UAE.

Emirates for Universal Tyres LLC  is part of the Abdulla Al Masaood & Sons Group. Emirates for Universal Tyres is the exclusive distributor for Continental Tyres, selling a range of passenger, light truck and commercial vehicle tyres across the UAE.

Duckhams has been a leading lubricants technology brand for most of the 20th and 21st centuries. Founded in 1899 by British chemist Alexander Duckham, the history of Duckhams oils includes pioneering engineering developments in aviation, breaking land speed records and a prestigious motorsport heritage — over the years. British energy major BP acquired Duckhams in 1969, and then sold the iconic lubricant brand in 2011.

“The Duckhams team is extremely excited to launch our iconic British brand in the UAE market. We intend to create a future as glorious as our past and the launch in the UAE will be an important milestone in that journey,” said Jabir Sheth, Duckhams chairperson. “Our regional office in Dubai is looking forward to propelling the brand in the Middle East region with this exciting launch.”

“Despite being absent from the market for a while, our data shows time and again that Duckhams is still one of the most recognised lubricant brands amongst automotive consumers and trade professionals in many markets,” said K.R. Venkataraman, Global CEO, Duckhams, said.

“We are both honored and excited to have the responsibility for Duckhams. The iconic brand is well respected and loved by the automotive industry. Duckhams is here to drive innovation and that fits perfectly with our strategic plans — we are inspired by their values and aspirations and look forward to the journey ahead,” said Shaun Smith, general manager, Emirates for Universal Tyres LLC.