DuPont completes performance testing of IsoTherming hydrotreater at Sinochem Quanzhou refinery

DuPont Clean Technologies announced the successful completion of the performance test of  the world’s largest DuPont™ IsoTherming® unit, certifying that the unit is meeting performance guarantees. The IsoTherming® hydrotreater at Sinochem’s Quanzhou refinery in China is designed to process 78,500 barrels per stream day (BPSD) of a variety of cracked feedstocks to produce diesel fuel with less than 10 parts per million (ppm) sulphur. “We were thrilled to partner with Sinochem on this opportunity,” said Glenn Liolios, global business manager for IsoTherming® technology. “This is the world’s largest capacity IsoTherming® unit, utilizing DuPont’s liquid full reactor and catalyst systems, producing Euro V diesel. This project showcases the value IsoTherming® technology can bring to producing Euro V diesel from difficult cracked feedstocks.” Capital cost advantages, as well as the need for reduced utility requirements, were key drivers for SinoChem’s selection of IsoTherming® technology for this project, DuPont said. IsoTherming® hydroprocessing technology employs a novel reactor system that is superior to conventional hydroprocessing technologies because it uses the hydrogen and catalyst more efficiently.  IsoTherming® technology offers lower capital and operating costs while significantly reducing sulphur content in the finished diesel fuel product. Today, DuPont has 25 IsoTherming® licenses globally, with 11 of these in commercial operation. Growing global demand for transportation fuel continues to drive refiners toward operations that maximise hydroprocessing capacity and capability either through unit debottlenecks or new unit construction.  More stringent environmental regulations and the processing of cost-advantaged sour and heavy feedstocks make meeting this demand even more challenging.  Typical hydroprocessing techniques use hydrogen in contact with a solid catalyst to remove sulphur and other contaminants from petroleum liquids. IsoTherming® hydroprocessing technology is licensed and marketed by DuPont as part of its Clean Technologies portfolio in Overland Park, Kan., U.S.A.

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