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DuPont launches 3 regional websites for MOLYKOTE® lubricants

DuPont launches 3 regional websites for MOLYKOTE® lubricants
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DuPont has launched three new localized MOLYKOTE® Specialty Lubricants websites dedicated to supporting customers in Europe and Asia. These regionally focused sites offer the same user-friendly experience as the global website that the brand launched in late 2020.

The new sites are designed to help lubricant users at every level – from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), designers and facility engineers to maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) technicians – across both the industrial and automotive sectors find the best MOLYKOTE® solution for their specific needs – in their local language and through local distributors.

As with the global site, users can filter by product type, application and/or lubricant technology, all the way down to the specific performance benefits required. Plus, there is an option to compare key properties of up to six products on one screen. Individual product detail pages include helpful information such as package size availability, as well as images of product packaging.

Other helpful features include “Where to Buy” and “Contact Us” links, which enable the user to obtain a price quote from an experienced MOLYKOTE® distributor in their region or collaborate with a DuPont lubrication expert in the development of a solution for a novel lubrication challenge, respectively.

“Supporting our customers and understanding their information and decision-making needs is critical, and we know that helping customers solve tough challenges starts with a great online experience,” said Marjorie Dwane, global marketing manager, MOLYKOTE® Specialty Lubricants. “We wanted to make the MOLYKOTE® user experience as easy as possible, no matter where you do business. That meant offering product technical details, comparisons of products and sourcing information in local languages, with a product portfolio customized to the geography.”

Product information for the Americas can be found at molykote.com. The regional sites are: 

Available through a global network of channel partners, MOLYKOTE® brand lubricants – which include anti-friction coatings, compounds, dispersions, greases, oils and fluids, and pastes – serve the automotive market and industrial/MRO markets.

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