DuPont launches new noise-reducing, low-friction PAO grease

DuPont launches new noise-reducing, low-friction PAO grease

DuPont has launched MOLYKOTE® G-1079 Grease, a noise-reducing polyalphaolefin (PAO) grease specially formulated for sliding-contact applications with fast movement and high loads or slow movement and low loads – particularly actuators.

MOLYKOTE® G-1079 Grease is available globally and meets market trends by managing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), which is important to improving users’ comfort in a variety of industries. The specialty lubricant provides reduced noise and excellent lubrication, and it also helps save energy for the electrified vehicles of the future.

With a service temperature range of -40 to 130°C, the PAO-based MOLYKOTE® G-1079 Grease is optimized for actuators in a variety of industries, including automotive, imaging and industrial. The new grease does not bleed oil, and it is suitable for plastic/plastic, metal/plastic and metal/metal material combinations.

“DuPont is actively investing in NVH lubrication solutions, as controlling noise and vibration continues to be important to automotive and industrial engineers as they look to not only enhance user experience and comfort, but also to enable connectivity and save energy in next-generation electrified vehicles,” said Catherine Jing, Asia Pacific market manager for MOLYKOTE®.

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