December 05, 2020

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ELF announces launch of Evolution Full-Tech VSX 0W-20

ELF announces launch of Evolution Full-Tech VSX 0W-20
Photo courtesy of Total.

ELF announced the launch of the EVOLUTION FULL-TECH VSX 0W-20, a very high-performance lubricant, which meets the technical requirements of Volkswagen (VW 508.00 / 509.00) and Porsche (C20).

Evolution Full-Tech VSX 0W-20 provides optimal protection against engine wear, as well as exceptional fuel economy performance while maintaining the efficiency of emission systems in the latest diesel and petrol engines.

All the technology used to manufacture this engine oil has seen great success in competitions and can, therefore, guarantee a high standard and performance on the road, said Total, which owns the ELF brand. ELF merged with French oil major Total SA in 2000.

Recommended for petrol and diesel engines and specially formulated for post treatment systems, this new lubricant is designed to meet SAE 0W-20 viscosity requirements that are specific to European vehicles. ELF EVOLUTION FULL-TECH VSX 0W-20 optimises post-treatment to significantly reduce polluting emissions by displaying low levels of sulfur, ashes and low phosphorus (Low SAPS) in accordance with the Euro VI standard.

Owing to its high detergency and improved dispersion properties, ELF EVOLUTION FULL-TECH VSX 0W-20 ensures cleanliness and ultimate protection against deposits and wear. Oxidation and abrasion are limited even when the engine is operating at very high temperatures and pressures.

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